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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Some of the biggest announcements of the Nintendo press conference are listed below: Pokedex: This is a new...

It is Time Again

This is it everybody. It is that time of year again. Next week is Christmas for us gamers. It is time for E3...

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference

Today is the first day of E3. The Microsoft team started off the day with their press conference. To start out the event, Microsoft showed off...

Sony's E3 Press Conference

Next up at the E3 press conference is Sony. Hopefully, Sony can give us some announcements that can make up for last months PSN outage. The first part of Sony’s press conference was...

E3 Update

Here are some of the major events that have happened at E3 over the past couple of days. The biggest event was the announcement of...

I had an idea recently. See, I was going to write a top-ten list for PS2 games, but I realized that those are just based off taste. Without a lot of people’s input, it’s just a list of games one person likes. So I made a different list, a sort of homework-assignment. Check out these games, and tell us, Red Platoon, what you think of them. Chances are you may still own or have heard of them, so now’s a time to voice your opinion about them. I won’t say much or nothing at all about the games on this list, that’s for you to tell us. These are in no order, I just named them as they came to my head.  

             Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

             We  Katamari

 Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando- I chose this one in the series because it’s sort of the middle child (guess who else is).

 Kingdom Hearts

 Silent Hill 2 (or any of the games 2-4)


 Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Final Fantasy X- never played it, but I think I’m legally obligated to put it on this list

Shadow of the Colossus- I just wanted ICO on the list, but the pure greatness of this game overruled that decision

So tell us what you think about those games. You can tell us your opinion from memory of the game, or if you are an over-achiever, (I’m not forcing you to do this, so I don’t want any lawsuits about how I kept you from being able to pay the rent because you bought 10 PS2 games) rent or even buy these games if you still have your old PS2 sitting around.  Post what you think in a comment if it’s short, or shoot me an email at if it’s longer. If you don’t like a game on this list or think that one is missing one, tell us why. Don’t be afraid to be critical. 

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