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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Some of the biggest announcements of the Nintendo press conference are listed below: Pokedex: This is a new...

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Sony's E3 Press Conference

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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference
Written By Sam Shipp

Some of the biggest announcements of the Nintendo press conference are listed below:
     1)   Pokedex:
This is a new feature for the Nintendo 3DS that will let you capture Pokémon and store their data on your 3DS.  Your goal will be to capture and complete the Pokedex by using several methods.  You will be able to capture Pokémon by passing other 3DS that have Pokémon you do not or even by taking pictures of certain objects. This Pokedex can then be uploaded onto the Internet and shared with your friends. 
     2)   Wii U:
Welcome to Nintendo’s new gaming system. Wii U will utilize a new controller that has a screen.  This screen will have motion censures and will allow for games to be played even when you are using your TV for other activities. Basically this controller acts a lot like a universal remote.  I can zoom in on pieces of the screen by moving the controller around or it can be used for different gaming mechanics.   It is very similar to the second screen of the DS.  It has a touch pad and can display images that might be used for mini games or for puzzle solving purposes.  Also, it can be used like a smart phone for video chat. 
     3)   Graphics and Game Performance of Wii U:
When Nintendo showed off a video of a bird flying through a Japanese city, I was blown away. At first, I thought that that this was a pre-rendered movie; however, Nintendo claims that this is how the system can perform.  After this brief demo, they announced that they will have a new game, Lego City Stories, that will come exclusively to the Wii U and the 3DS. After this announcement, Nintendo showed a video clip of several different developers saying that they thought that the new system was amazing and that they would love to have their games show cased on this system.  These games included Batman: Arkam City, Assassin’s Creed, and the new Trekken game just to name a few.  With these triple A titles coming to the Wii U, hopefully this new system will be able to keep up its promises during gameplay.  Next, Nintendo brought out the EA president.  He asked the audience to imagine games such as Battlefield and Madden Football on two screens.  These two screens will allow more room on the big screen for action instead of the usual clutter.
     4)   Smash Brothers:
The new Super Smash Brothers game will be developed for the 3DS and for the Wii U. Also, these two games will be able to switch back and forth between the systems.

With this announcement, Nintendo hopes to bring back the hardcore game audience that they lost with the Wii.  Nintendo promises that the experience will bring a new level of gaming all together.  Stay tuned to for even more Nintendo news.

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