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Microsoft Press Conference 2011
Written by Sam Shipp

Today is the first day of E3.  The Microsoft team started off the day with their press conference.
To start out the event, Microsoft showed off one of the levels of the new Call of Duty game Modern Warfare 3.  The revealed level demonstrated the massive scale that the new COD game will operate. It begun as the player was swimming underwater in the New York City bay.  The goal was to take out a submarine and to make it surface.  Once the sub surfaced, it was your goal to invade the ship and take control of the missile system.  Once the sub had surface, the special ops team invaded the ship and had a very Call of Duty experience.  If you have played Modern Warfare 2 you know the basic set up.  After you have done your job on the sub, the player had to drive a boat around the harbor in an attempt to get back to your helicopter alive. If you like COD, you are probably going to like this game.
Next, the new Laura Croft game was revealed.  Though it is titled Laura Croft, it more resembled a survival horror game. At the beginning of the level, you were trapped upside down in a cave and had to escape it before Laura is killed.  The player had to use a mixture of wise decision-making and quick action in order to escape from the cave.  Laura’s new adventure is set to release in Fall 2011
After Laura’s adventure, the president of EA sports came out to announce that four of EA sport’s new games will support Kinect.
The next game that was introduced was Mass Effect 3.  As many of the readers probably know, I loved Mass Effect 2.  In order to make their game even better, Bioware announced that they will have kinect voice support for the game.  Instead of using the regular speech wheel, you can simply say the command that is issued on the wheel and it will choose that dialog point. Also, the Kinect voice control is going to allow you to give orders to your squad during the battle instead of making you pause the action to do it.  This, I believe is one of the biggest advances in video games in a very long time. Hopefully, over the rest of the show, we will be able to see more of this new technology.
Below we have posted the next big announcement, the new ghost recon game trailer.

This trailer shows the completely tactical ability that the new ghost recon game gives. Ubisoft then demonstrated one of the most in depth gun customizations I have ever seen.  You can change everything from the barrel down to the scopes and stocks. All of this can be done by using kinect. This demo has almost changed my mind on the kinect experience all together.  I finally might join the kinect bandwagon.
Then, the Xbox live team showed off their completely redesigned experience.  They have changed the way that the Xbox live menu looks and how it interacts with the user. Now, all you have to do is to talk to you Xbox and it will do what you say. This will probably lead to alot of people looking really weird as they talk to their televisions. Also, they have added television to the Xbox.  Along with TV, Microsoft also added a partnership with UFC that will allow for a more interactive UFC experience.

 From this point on, we will categorize the games on Exclusive level
            Gears of War 3-
                        The demo opened with the Gears cast being trapped on a ship as a giant sea monster attacked. The new graphics that the Unreal Engine made possible looked amazing, the fires looked real, the textures looked great and when you shot at the monster, it looked real.  In order to destroy the monster, you had to shoot its eyes out and wait for the other members of the army to drop bombs on the monster. This is going to be a fun game.

                        This is a new Crytex game that is a warrior, sword-fighting game that uses Kinect to tract your motions.

            Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary:
               This is a revamped version of the classic game that utilizes the Xbox live to bring back the game to its full glory.

            Forza Motorsport 4: 
                All I am going to say about the graphics is Wow! I mean these are some of the most impressive looking cars that I have ever seen in a game.  Hopefully, this will pass on to the entire game.

            Fable: The Journey:
                              If you have played the last Fable, you will know how the game looks. However, you will not recognize how the game plays. It is much more of an on rail shooter than I would have expected. Basically, the player uses Kinect to conjure spells and to destroy your enemies.

                 Minecraft is finally coming to home consoles. That is all that needs to be said.

            Kinect Disneyland:
                  Basically, you walk through Disneyland and then when you get to the rides you play mini games. So, this is really revolutionary idea, a Kinect game where you play mini games. I know Wow.

            Kinect Star Wars:
                   Dude.  That is my first thought. You use Kinect to move around the world and to take out your enemies. The player has to swing his arms like he is actually controlling the light saber and move around in order to defeat your enemies. You will even have to jump in order jump over your enemies. You are going to feel like a Jedi.


Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster:
                               This is Tim Shafer’s new game. It is going to be the Kinect new video game for kids. So Yeah.

            Kinect Fun Labs:
                 This is just a place where Indie games can be put and played on Xbox.  Now any developer can put his or her games on the Xbox for everybody to play. Three of the new innovations that they showed off were finger tracking, scanning in people, and scanning in objects. So now, I can take my favorite object and can control it using Kinect. Also, I can make my Xbox avatar look exactly like me.

            Kinect Sports: Season Two: 
                Basically, this is an updated version of the past Xbox game.  All the developers did was to update the game with a couple of new sports, including football and golf.

            Dance Central 2:
               In this sequel, they have updated the game and allowed for multiple players on the same screen.  Also, they have expanded the music library of the game.

            Halo 4: 
              This is a new Halo Game.  So, every one get ready to spend 60 dollars.

This year at E3, Microsoft pushed their Kinect experience even more.  Hopefully, this does not turn the Xbox into a mini game playground.

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