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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Some of the biggest announcements of the Nintendo press conference are listed below: Pokedex: This is a new...

It is Time Again

This is it everybody. It is that time of year again. Next week is Christmas for us gamers. It is time for E3...

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference

Today is the first day of E3. The Microsoft team started off the day with their press conference. To start out the event, Microsoft showed off...

Sony's E3 Press Conference

Next up at the E3 press conference is Sony. Hopefully, Sony can give us some announcements that can make up for last months PSN outage. The first part of Sony’s press conference was...

E3 Update

Here are some of the major events that have happened at E3 over the past couple of days. The biggest event was the announcement of...

Three Things I’m Looking Out For at E3
Written By AK

            The Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner, and the gaming world is once again waiting in anticipation. I’m clearly one of those people, so if you care, here is what I’ll be looking out for.

            1. Those who visit the site regularly should know that I wrote a preview for a game called Dead Island. I would go into how I feel about that game but I already did, so check out the article. Any more insight into this game would be great, as it seriously looks to be like an awesome survival-horror title.

            2. Batman- Arkham City: Need I say more?

            3. Originality: Yeah, that makes my last point hypocritical, but I don’t care what you think. Batman: Arkham-Asylum was incredible and a game that expands on that should be awesome as well. Anyway, I’ve noticed at E3 most of the huge announcements are just re-boots (Twisted Metal) or sequels (Silent Hill: Downpour). Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, but the developers only do that to rile up the fans. I want to see a completely new game with interesting core gameplay elements and an original plot. I know that’s asking a whole lot, but I think it’s possible. Dead Island nearly reached that with its fantastic-looking melee-combat and extremely sad trailer (I nearly cried), but the concept wasn’t too original (L4D anybody?)

            Either way, there are bound to be a few things that surprise me and the rest of the gaming world. However, the best way to keep from being disappointed is to keep high hopes and low expectations, so here’s looking at you E3: 2011. 

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