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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Some of the biggest announcements of the Nintendo press conference are listed below: Pokedex: This is a new...

It is Time Again

This is it everybody. It is that time of year again. Next week is Christmas for us gamers. It is time for E3...

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference

Today is the first day of E3. The Microsoft team started off the day with their press conference. To start out the event, Microsoft showed off...

Sony's E3 Press Conference

Next up at the E3 press conference is Sony. Hopefully, Sony can give us some announcements that can make up for last months PSN outage. The first part of Sony’s press conference was...

E3 Update

Here are some of the major events that have happened at E3 over the past couple of days. The biggest event was the announcement of...

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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference
Written By Sam Shipp

Some of the biggest announcements of the Nintendo press conference are listed below:
     1)   Pokedex:
This is a new feature for the Nintendo 3DS that will let you capture Pokémon and store their data on your 3DS.  Your goal will be to capture and complete the Pokedex by using several methods.  You will be able to capture Pokémon by passing other 3DS that have Pokémon you do not or even by taking pictures of certain objects. This Pokedex can then be uploaded onto the Internet and shared with your friends. 
     2)   Wii U:
Welcome to Nintendo’s new gaming system. Wii U will utilize a new controller that has a screen.  This screen will have motion censures and will allow for games to be played even when you are using your TV for other activities. Basically this controller acts a lot like a universal remote.  I can zoom in on pieces of the screen by moving the controller around or it can be used for different gaming mechanics.   It is very similar to the second screen of the DS.  It has a touch pad and can display images that might be used for mini games or for puzzle solving purposes.  Also, it can be used like a smart phone for video chat. 
     3)   Graphics and Game Performance of Wii U:
When Nintendo showed off a video of a bird flying through a Japanese city, I was blown away. At first, I thought that that this was a pre-rendered movie; however, Nintendo claims that this is how the system can perform.  After this brief demo, they announced that they will have a new game, Lego City Stories, that will come exclusively to the Wii U and the 3DS. After this announcement, Nintendo showed a video clip of several different developers saying that they thought that the new system was amazing and that they would love to have their games show cased on this system.  These games included Batman: Arkam City, Assassin’s Creed, and the new Trekken game just to name a few.  With these triple A titles coming to the Wii U, hopefully this new system will be able to keep up its promises during gameplay.  Next, Nintendo brought out the EA president.  He asked the audience to imagine games such as Battlefield and Madden Football on two screens.  These two screens will allow more room on the big screen for action instead of the usual clutter.
     4)   Smash Brothers:
The new Super Smash Brothers game will be developed for the 3DS and for the Wii U. Also, these two games will be able to switch back and forth between the systems.

With this announcement, Nintendo hopes to bring back the hardcore game audience that they lost with the Wii.  Nintendo promises that the experience will bring a new level of gaming all together.  Stay tuned to for even more Nintendo news.

E3 Update
Written by AK

            Here are some of the major events that have happened at E3 over the past couple of days.

            The biggest event was the announcement of Halo 4.  Yes, it’s true. The classic, X-Box exclusive, FPS is back, with Master Chief in the driver’s seat. Only a teaser has been released, and in true teaser form, it’s got me pumped. Will it live up to the expectations and beat its predecessors? We’ll only be able to know around the holidays in 2012.

Halo 4 Trailer-

            By the way, let me tell you that I am angry that I don’t own a PS3.  New Twisted Metal gameplay and rumors about a Sly 4 have me a little angry at my X-Box. These two titles defiantly make the Playstation a must have console.

            Also, new trailers have been released for Bioshock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. While the new Bioshock looks great, with the whole unfamiliar-environment aspect that made the first one so much fun, the latter has me worried. It’s still Ezio. I would like to see a new character, and honestly, how old is this guy? However, I am glad to see the plot wrap up, because after Brotherhood, I wanted to punch a wall out of frustration.

Bioshock Infinite Trailer-

Assassin's Creed: Revelations Trailer-

            My major complaint is that the only original game is Dead Island, for which a new trailer was released. That’s it. Every single other game is either a sequel or a reboot. Honestly, is there no originality left in the gaming industry?

Dead Island Trailer-

Stay tunned to for more E3 updates.

Sony E3 Press Conference
Written By Sam Shipp

Next up at the E3 press conference is Sony. Hopefully, Sony can give us some announcements that can make up for last months PSN outage.
 The first part of Sony’s press conference was Sony’s apology.  Basically, Sony made a broad apology to everyone and then subtly directed the apology towards each of their audiences.  Then, they moved on to promise that they will do better in the future and that they will never allow this type of situation to happen again.  Finally, Sony tried to redirect their PSN outage to the fact that PSN is the one of the best online experiences and that it is FREE. 
            Here are the other announcements made by Sony.
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception-
               The Naughty Dog team showed off a demo of the new Uncharted game, Drakes’ Deception.  Drake started out on an old cruise liner as it rocked back and forth in the middle of the sea. As he moved into the main compartment of the ship, Drake had to sneak around the ever-moving environment in order to invade the inner workings of the ship. Once Drake moved down into the bowels of the ship, he was able to showcase his acrobatic moves right before he was ambushed.  During his escape, Drake throws a grenade that tears a hole in the ship.  As the ship slowly floods, Drake is forced to retrace his steps in an attempt to make it out without drowning. However, his task is made even more difficult as the walls crush in from the pressure of the water. After the demo, the Uncharted team showed a new trailer for the game that demonstrated its cinematic scope.  This should be the game that validates to the world how much movies are like video games.
Resistance 3-
                  The next installment in the Resistance franchise picks up the action four years after the second.  In the demo, the player had teamed up with a rebel group in Saint Louis.  At the beginning of the demo, your character is ambushed in a tight alley and is forced to defend off hoards of aliens.  After this short sequence, the demo skipped ahead.  The main character captures an alien object and has to run for his life through crumbling buildings.  This demo showed that the action sequences in Resistance 3 are going to be fast and action packed.
Remastered Titles-
                   Sony announced that they are going to remaster the two God of War PSP games so that they can run in full 3D on the PS3 gaming consoles. They also announced that Shadow of the Colossus and Eco will also be remastered in 3D for the PS3. Sony also announced a new Playstation certified 3D TV. This new TV will be available for $499 and will feature a new technology that will allow two players to see the entire screen through their 3D glasses.
NBA 2K12-
                  The 2K team showed off the technology for their new NBA game. They announced that the new NBA game will support Playstation Move. Basically, the player simply points the Move at the character that they want to pass to or block. The player will simply pull a trigger on either side of the Playstation Move to perform the action.  NBA 2K12 will be on the markets this fall.
Medieval Moves-
                  The next game to be demoed was Medieval Moves. The Move allows the player to quickly switch in between weapons as you try to defeat the enemies.   Instead of having to pause the action and switch weapons, the Playstation Move allows you to switch the weapons on the fly as you a fight off enemies and solve puzzles. Hopefully, this does not turn into a childish fantasy.
Infamous 2-
                   Sony showed off a new trailer for Infamous 2. Infamous 2 comes out today.  I can’t wait to try this new installment.
Sony’s Guarantee-
                   Sony guaranteed that they will update some of their major games such as Little Big Planet 2 and Infamous 2 in the future so that these games can  be played with the Playstation Move.
                   Here is the new trailer that they showed off for Starhawk, the sequel to Warhawk.

This single and multiplayer game looks to be something that I am going to be playing on PSN for a very long time.
Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time-
                   Next, Sony showed a trailer for a new Sly Cooper game, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Though this trailer showed very limited gameplay, it demonstrated gameplay that looked very similar to other Sly Cooper games.
                    The developers for Eve Online announced a new persistent shooter known as Dust. You may be wondering what is so cool about Dust? Well, the players of this game can directly interact with players of Eve Online. Basically, Dust plays a lot like other first person shooters, such as Call of Duty.
Bioshock Infinite-
                    Next, a new gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite was previewed. This trailer is able to show the massive scale of the game.  I might choose to jump off a building and when I fall, I could land on another building and keep fighting.  After the trailer, the creative director from Irrational Games came out and talked about how he thinks that the Playstation Move could actually be good for Bioshock and other hard-core games.
EA Announcements-
                    Sony announced that the new SSX game will have an exclusive mountain, Mount Fuji, that no other game systems will get.  They also said that the new Need for Speed game will have seven exclusive cars to the PS3. And, that the new Battlefield game, Battlefield 3, will come packaged with Battlefield 1943 exclusively on the PS3
Playstation Suite-
                    The next big announcement was the Playstation Suite.  The Playstation Suite will give certain phones and tablets the Playstation experience by making them Playstation certified.
Playstation Vita-
                    After that, Sony made the big announcements of the night, the NGP.  Or should I call it the Playstation Vita. This new portable system has dual analog sticks, front and rear touch pads, front and rear cameras, and Wi-Fi or 3G.   The carrier for the 3G is AT&T.  This new device will also support voice chat over games. Then, they announced Near.  This new service will allow players to recommend games, compare their trophies, and much more with their friends.

PSVita Games:
Uncharted: Golden Abyss-
                    The first game was Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  This game looks incredible for a portable game. It does not look as good as Uncharted 2, but just like the first Uncharted, which still has incredible graphics.  In the gameplay department, it plays a lot like other Uncharted games; however, it has a lot more touch controls. Though these controls are great sometimes, I cannot see myself taking my hands off the controls constantly to touch the screen. Hopefully, they will tone back the touch controls before the release.
                    Ruin is an action RPG.  This is a top down action game that looks a lot like Diablo.  However, there is a twist.  Random players can become your rivals.  You can even attack hideouts of other players.  The players will form bonds as they either attack or defend their hideouts with their friends.  After I get home from a vacation with my PSVita, I can pick up Ruin on my PS3 exactly where I left off on the PSVita. 
Modnation Racers-
                    They showed off a new Modnation Racers game for the system.  In the track creator mode, you use the back and front touch pads to create tracks.  This is one of the first times that I have actually thought that a developer has used the touch pads in a good way.  It allows for a more interactive experience that really draws the player into the game. 
               PSVita Announcements-
                                  Sony announced three new features that could really change portable games. They announced that the PS3 and PSVita can share cross platform gaming, cross-platform content, and cloud saves.
             Little Big Planet-
                     This new LBP will feature all of the major innovations of the Vita put into one game.  The vita’s controls allows for a more in-depth Little Big Planet experience.
Street Fighter X Tekken-
                     Then, one of next year’s biggest fighting games, Street Fighter X Tekken, will be available on the Playstation Vita.  Also, they announced that Cole, from Infamous, will be in the new fighting game.  Hopefully, this will bring the great experience of fighting games to the handheld experience.
Price Point-
                        Finally, Sony announced that the price of the Wi-Fi only model of the PSVita will be $249 and the 3G and Wi-Fi version will be $299.

Stay tuned to for more E3 coverage.

Microsoft Press Conference 2011
Written by Sam Shipp

Today is the first day of E3.  The Microsoft team started off the day with their press conference.
To start out the event, Microsoft showed off one of the levels of the new Call of Duty game Modern Warfare 3.  The revealed level demonstrated the massive scale that the new COD game will operate. It begun as the player was swimming underwater in the New York City bay.  The goal was to take out a submarine and to make it surface.  Once the sub surfaced, it was your goal to invade the ship and take control of the missile system.  Once the sub had surface, the special ops team invaded the ship and had a very Call of Duty experience.  If you have played Modern Warfare 2 you know the basic set up.  After you have done your job on the sub, the player had to drive a boat around the harbor in an attempt to get back to your helicopter alive. If you like COD, you are probably going to like this game.
Next, the new Laura Croft game was revealed.  Though it is titled Laura Croft, it more resembled a survival horror game. At the beginning of the level, you were trapped upside down in a cave and had to escape it before Laura is killed.  The player had to use a mixture of wise decision-making and quick action in order to escape from the cave.  Laura’s new adventure is set to release in Fall 2011
After Laura’s adventure, the president of EA sports came out to announce that four of EA sport’s new games will support Kinect.
The next game that was introduced was Mass Effect 3.  As many of the readers probably know, I loved Mass Effect 2.  In order to make their game even better, Bioware announced that they will have kinect voice support for the game.  Instead of using the regular speech wheel, you can simply say the command that is issued on the wheel and it will choose that dialog point. Also, the Kinect voice control is going to allow you to give orders to your squad during the battle instead of making you pause the action to do it.  This, I believe is one of the biggest advances in video games in a very long time. Hopefully, over the rest of the show, we will be able to see more of this new technology.
Below we have posted the next big announcement, the new ghost recon game trailer.

This trailer shows the completely tactical ability that the new ghost recon game gives. Ubisoft then demonstrated one of the most in depth gun customizations I have ever seen.  You can change everything from the barrel down to the scopes and stocks. All of this can be done by using kinect. This demo has almost changed my mind on the kinect experience all together.  I finally might join the kinect bandwagon.
Then, the Xbox live team showed off their completely redesigned experience.  They have changed the way that the Xbox live menu looks and how it interacts with the user. Now, all you have to do is to talk to you Xbox and it will do what you say. This will probably lead to alot of people looking really weird as they talk to their televisions. Also, they have added television to the Xbox.  Along with TV, Microsoft also added a partnership with UFC that will allow for a more interactive UFC experience.

 From this point on, we will categorize the games on Exclusive level
            Gears of War 3-
                        The demo opened with the Gears cast being trapped on a ship as a giant sea monster attacked. The new graphics that the Unreal Engine made possible looked amazing, the fires looked real, the textures looked great and when you shot at the monster, it looked real.  In order to destroy the monster, you had to shoot its eyes out and wait for the other members of the army to drop bombs on the monster. This is going to be a fun game.

                        This is a new Crytex game that is a warrior, sword-fighting game that uses Kinect to tract your motions.

            Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary:
               This is a revamped version of the classic game that utilizes the Xbox live to bring back the game to its full glory.

            Forza Motorsport 4: 
                All I am going to say about the graphics is Wow! I mean these are some of the most impressive looking cars that I have ever seen in a game.  Hopefully, this will pass on to the entire game.

            Fable: The Journey:
                              If you have played the last Fable, you will know how the game looks. However, you will not recognize how the game plays. It is much more of an on rail shooter than I would have expected. Basically, the player uses Kinect to conjure spells and to destroy your enemies.

                 Minecraft is finally coming to home consoles. That is all that needs to be said.

            Kinect Disneyland:
                  Basically, you walk through Disneyland and then when you get to the rides you play mini games. So, this is really revolutionary idea, a Kinect game where you play mini games. I know Wow.

            Kinect Star Wars:
                   Dude.  That is my first thought. You use Kinect to move around the world and to take out your enemies. The player has to swing his arms like he is actually controlling the light saber and move around in order to defeat your enemies. You will even have to jump in order jump over your enemies. You are going to feel like a Jedi.


Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster:
                               This is Tim Shafer’s new game. It is going to be the Kinect new video game for kids. So Yeah.

            Kinect Fun Labs:
                 This is just a place where Indie games can be put and played on Xbox.  Now any developer can put his or her games on the Xbox for everybody to play. Three of the new innovations that they showed off were finger tracking, scanning in people, and scanning in objects. So now, I can take my favorite object and can control it using Kinect. Also, I can make my Xbox avatar look exactly like me.

            Kinect Sports: Season Two: 
                Basically, this is an updated version of the past Xbox game.  All the developers did was to update the game with a couple of new sports, including football and golf.

            Dance Central 2:
               In this sequel, they have updated the game and allowed for multiple players on the same screen.  Also, they have expanded the music library of the game.

            Halo 4: 
              This is a new Halo Game.  So, every one get ready to spend 60 dollars.

This year at E3, Microsoft pushed their Kinect experience even more.  Hopefully, this does not turn the Xbox into a mini game playground.

Three Things I’m Looking Out For at E3
Written By AK

            The Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner, and the gaming world is once again waiting in anticipation. I’m clearly one of those people, so if you care, here is what I’ll be looking out for.

            1. Those who visit the site regularly should know that I wrote a preview for a game called Dead Island. I would go into how I feel about that game but I already did, so check out the article. Any more insight into this game would be great, as it seriously looks to be like an awesome survival-horror title.

            2. Batman- Arkham City: Need I say more?

            3. Originality: Yeah, that makes my last point hypocritical, but I don’t care what you think. Batman: Arkham-Asylum was incredible and a game that expands on that should be awesome as well. Anyway, I’ve noticed at E3 most of the huge announcements are just re-boots (Twisted Metal) or sequels (Silent Hill: Downpour). Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, but the developers only do that to rile up the fans. I want to see a completely new game with interesting core gameplay elements and an original plot. I know that’s asking a whole lot, but I think it’s possible. Dead Island nearly reached that with its fantastic-looking melee-combat and extremely sad trailer (I nearly cried), but the concept wasn’t too original (L4D anybody?)

            Either way, there are bound to be a few things that surprise me and the rest of the gaming world. However, the best way to keep from being disappointed is to keep high hopes and low expectations, so here’s looking at you E3: 2011. 

It is E3 Time Again
Written by Sam Shipp

          This is it everybody. It is that time of year again. Next week is Christmas for us gamers. It is time for E3.
          Okay, I know some of you are thinking, 'What is E3? Why should I care?'. Well E3 is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world. It is the event where publishers and developers unveil what their new prodocts. Developers will give us more news about already announced titles, such as Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, or they will tell gamers about new games. If there is a new game, game system, or game technology that you will be using next year,  the chances are that you will see a demo of it at the show. 

         Since E3 is such a big event, all of the editors here at Red Platoon have decided to writen  pre-E3 articles about what they, and you, should be looking forward to at the show. Make sure to check back in to over the next three weeks for complete E3 coverage.