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Realism in Games
Written By A.K.

            As graphics increase in quality and realism, developers seem to feel the need to make their games realistic as well. I feel that realism takes away from a video game, but it can also add to it. Here are a few examples of realism in Games.  
Homefront: THQ’s Homefront tells the story of a united Korea taking over the USA. This kind of realism really adds to a game. This could really happen and you may be getting a glimpse of what the future could hold. It can really add to the experience, as you could picture your own neighborhood overrun and you and your family enslaved. This adds to the sense of anger you, the player, are feeling. But realism in shooters limits the gameplay. It gets kind of boring just running around with an assault rifle that is exactly the same as the last one you dropped. You can’t get the ridiculousness of games like Duke Nukem or Painkiller. These shooters know they are here to entertain you, so they give you ridiculous characters, guns, enemies, and basically everything else. Homefront’s plot will pull your anger strings, but realism still limits the gameplay.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent-  Survival Horror (true survival horror, not Dead Space action-horror) is all about immersion. Immersion adds to the tension, fear, and overall experience of the player. Amnesia pulls this off perfectly. While the story is about as realistic as me making the varsity soccer team (I write game reviews for god’s sake), the gameplay is where the player is pulled in and never released. It feels like you are actually there. If you were stuck in a dark castle by yourself, with no memory of why you are there, I am betting you would not find the nearest improvised weapon and start swinging or stabbing. If a monster came, you would not stick around long enough to see it before you ran away and hid in a closet. Amnesia has no weapons. The only way of preventing yourself from becoming the monster’s tea-break sandwich is to run like it’s a Pink Floyd song (I hope someone gets that) and hide. You actually feel like you are there, not in the shoes of a veteran space marine, or engineer, with enough ordinance to take over South America.
GTA IV: You would swear the reviewers got a different version of this game, as they all loved it like it was their own child. Their version must have come with 500 dollars, a box of chocolates, and a DVD box set of the X-Files. But, I just got a game, a very disappointing game. GTA is all about pure, evil, mother-upsetting fun. However, GTA IV made me keep up with old friends and take them out dancing every day otherwise they would resent me. The worst part is, when you went to pick them up, the game forced you to drive semi-normally, otherwise they would begin to dislike me. I should be able to run over a boardwalk of old ladies, shoot a couple of cop cars, and make a stunt jump all while hearing the terrified screams of Niko’s cousin, but not be punished for it. Besides the escorting, the game was alright. The realism allowed you to do many other things, the only problem is that they were all boring. Pool, darts, and watching TV are just some of the games. I mean watching TV? I am playing this game on a TV! If I wanted to watch it, I would turn off my XBOX and watch TV. I simply felt that it took away from the overall ridiculous fun aspect of GTA that made it famous.
            Realism is like a political party in gaming. It has divided the gaming world into two groups, with the other party being those who appreciate a game that can break a few of Newton’s laws. What do you think is the best? Post it in a comment below and I will be sure to tell you that you are either wrong or partially correct (but probably just completely wrong).  

5 Responses so far.

  1. Beta2442 says:

    I like to play games that i can just run and jump around all over the level. It is more fun that way. Why do I want to have to be realistic? I already have to do that in real life.

  2. dat_gamer334 says:

    No man. Who cares for running all ove a level. I want it to be like a realistic game. I mean look at games like Medal of Honor. It is just more fun if you have more realistic situations.

  3. Beta2442 says:

    Well sometimes it is fun. But I like games like just cause. I want to be able to fall over 300 feat pull the parachute at the last minute and survive.

  4. AMbRIV-45 says:

    Okay. Your both wrong. It all depends on what type of mood you are in. Sometimes it is fun to do something crazy. other I like to be realistic. It just depends

  5. MTIS1 says:

    I agree with AMbRiv partially, but I think you either need to do super realistic, like a good mil sim, if it was possible, I would love that, or completely the opposite, Like Duke Nukem. No realistic games with infinite pistol ammo, Cough MOH Cough, or where you have to kill 3000 people a level, Cough Cod Cough.

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