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Sony's E3 Press Conference

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Activision’s Decision
Written By Sam Shipp

Recently, Activision ended their long franchise Guitar Hero.  This game series introduced the world to the plastic guitar and it has been a love-clutter relationship ever since.  However, in Guitar Hero’s last iterations, it has recently been performing poorly.  But, if Activision ends their music game, what does it leave them with? 
Looking at Activision, it is plain to see that Activision does not have many other major Franchises.  There only other major game is the Call of Duty series.  Without Guitar hero, Activision is going to have to rely on their developers to make surprise hits.  On the other hand, other publishing companies, like EA, have multiple longstanding game series.  Battlefield, Mass Effect, Half-life, Left 4 Dead, and Madden are all apart of the EA family.  Compared to EA, Activision is lacking. 
This does not mean that I am going to count Activision out.  They have enough production studios to make tons of games. Some of them are going to have to be really good. Also, Activision still owns Blizzard, the guys behind games such as Diablo and World of Warcraft.  However, Activision is currently in a much weaker position than their competitors. 
Hopefully, Activision will be able to come back from this franchise shift.  Though this announcement brought bad news for Guitar Hero fans, this could be a big step forward for the game developers of Activision as a whole.  They could have a chance to get their game out and let it replace Guitar Hero as one of the premier gaming franchises in the world.

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  1. Unknown says:

    The reason why Guitar Hero is so expensive to make is that they have to pay the studios licensing fees for all of those songs in the game. This makes it more expensive than the normal game.

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