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Playstation Plus?
Written By Sam Shipp
            If you have or have not checked the Playstation store in the past couple of months, you might not know what Playstation Plus is about. I am here to set the record straight. 
            Basically, Playstation Plus is Sony’s version of a rewards program. You pay for a subscription and get rewards. These rewards can be anything from free games, exclusive content, or cheaper prices on games and DLC. 
            The yearly subscription cost about as much as a full priced retail game and you get the money back in discounted content.  The first night that I spent with the subscription, I downloaded about 60 dollars worth of games.
Though not all of the games are great, you still get a lot for what you pay for.   Sony loads up Playstation Plus with about one or two free titles every week (anything from full games, minis, and Playstation one classics). The thing that really makes having Playstation Plus beneficial is when Sony releases stuff early.  I downloaded the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta months before it came out for everything else.  Playstation Plus subscribers can also download the Socom multiplayer a good two weeks before everyone else.
One setback is that when the subscription ends, you can no longer play any of the free games you have downloaded.  If you bought any of the games on discount, you can keep on playing the games you bought.
If you are a subscriber to Playstation Plus, you can set a time when your Playstation will turn on and check for updates to all of your games.  This feature attempts to eliminate the annoying hassle of sitting down to play a game and then realizing that your games have to update.  There are two frustrating things about this updating service.  First, you have to set up an account that your PS3 will always immediately open. This automatic account log-in is great if your PS3 only has one account, but frustrating if you want to play on a different account than the account the PS3 automatic opens. Also, it doesn’t always work. There has been several times when I sat down to play and had to wait even when the new feature was turned on.
However, it is not all bad. Playstation Plus users can use a brand new feature for the PS3.  This feature allows the user to save their games to a cloud.  These game saves are then linked to your PSN I.D. allowing you to pull up the saves from anywhere.   Thanks to this new save cloud, a PS3 crash will no longer erase all of your game data.  In addition, there is enough room on the cloud in which to put most game saves.
Content wise, it is worth the money. But, if you never go to the Playstation Store and do not want to, there is really no point in buying into the rewards. 

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