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The Four Commandments of Downloadable Content
Written by: Sam Shipp

            Like most types of gaming, whether to buy or not to buy DLC (downloadable content) is a very personal decision.  One person might say that some DLC is great, while another person will hate it.   DLC could increase the experience of a game, which might be good for a person who likes that game but bad for a person who hates that game. For example, I loved Red Dead Redemption; I thought it was the best game that came out on the PS3 in 2010.  Therefore, I was ecstatic when Rockstar came out with the new Campaign:  Undead Nightmare.  I was excited to spend another six hours with the characters, especially since they added zombies (everything is better with zombies).  However, one of my friends hated Red Dead and did not care or want to waste $15 when they came out with the pack.
Though buying DLC is personal decision, there are some very important things that will make DLC great:
1)            Don’t just give us more weapons or armor to use:
This is my pet peeve.  Even if it is a great game, I will not waste my money for new guns.  Add something else with the guns.  Give me an extra story mission or more multiplayer maps.   I already have guns and armor and do not require anymore.  I beat the game with your built in guns. Why would I need any more?
Bad Example: Mass Effect 2:
Most of the downloadable content consists of extra guns and armor that cost a couple of dollars.  Why, Why? I Do Not need more guns!
Good Example: Red Dead Redemption:
Most of the DLC released for Red Dead comes with extra modes and new weapons.  Please, developers take a hint. Package weapons in with extra modes or a new story. I WILL PROBALLY BUY IT MORE OFTEN!

2)            Give a new story mission that adds to the game and does not hold the game back:
I like story missions, let me say this in another way, good story = good game.  If people like your game because of the story, give them more of what they want.  If there is a successful game, it never hurts to change up the game play and see what people think. Also, if people bought the game for the story,  not the multiplayer, add more to the story before you add more to the multiplayer.
Bad Example: Uncharted 2:
I bought Uncharted 2 for the story mode.  It was a game that drew several parallels between the movie business and the game business.  I liked the story mode, and thought they just tagged on the multiplayer to keep people coming back.  But, they have not released any side mission add-ons, any new story, just multiplayer.  Give me story, not multiplayer!
            Good Example: Red Dead Redemption:
When Rockstar released the Undead Nightmare map pack, I enjoyed it.  It met a lot of my requirement for story, new campaign, new mechanics, and more of what a I liked.  People, if you have something good, keep doing that thing!

3)            Only sell new multiplayer packs if it is a fun multiplayer:
Today, most of the games people play have multiplayer.  After the success of series such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, which depend on multiplayer, every developer is trying to create their own twist in order to get a part of the market.  This leads to some really fun multiplayer (Black Ops) and some really terrible ones (Medal of Honor).  Please, if you have a bad multiplayer, do not add insult to injury by selling more multiplayer!
            Bad Example: Medal of Honor:
Come on EA, it was a fun story, in my opinion, but really. The multiplayer was like a stripped down version of Call of Duty. Why would I buy new maps for a bad multiplayer when I could spend my money on other games? I mean come on.
            Good Example: Call of Duty: Black Ops:
If you have a good and fun multiplayer, I would, keep it coming!
4)            Putting everything together is okay
This one is simple.  DLC + more DLC (at same low price)= fun.  Give me some multiplayer, some story, maybe some new weapons and armor, I will buy it and be happy.
            Bad Example: Call of Duty: Black Ops:
I have 15 dollars and you are only giving me five maps. That is 25 percent of what a whole game costs… really… really.  I like games but… really.
Good Example: Red Dead Redemption:
Rockstar gave me some multiplayer, some story, some new guns and new changelings all for one low price. That is amazing! Thank you Rockstar!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice! good review!

  2. MTIS1 says:

    For someone who hates zombies, You sure do love them sam

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