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Dead Island Preview
Written by A.K.

Short Disclaimer- I will be reviewing and previewing games other than survival horror.  The titles of the games I analyze will also vary, not just “dead” and then the general setting for the game. Now that is out the way, on to Dead Island.

Much like Dead Space, I discovered this game by accident. I accidentally clicked on a link to it instead of Gears of War 3 while looking at upcoming games. After further investigation, I have come to the conclusion that this game should be fan-freaking-tastic.  
            The plot, as far as I could find, is pretty simple. There are four playable characters trapped on an island beach resort.  Instead of waking up with a hangover, most of the island woke up with the munchies that only human flesh could satisfy. However, I discovered that the four playable survivors are immune to the infection. I don’t know if they mean the initial outbreak didn’t transform them into a flesh-monger, or if they are immune to the actual virus that caused it. If so, that’s kind of a lame excuse for saying your character doesn’t die when a zombie scratches or bites him (or her).
Gameplay will seem familiar to any Left 4 Dead veterans. Four playable characters run around a zombie-infested environment with some special-class zombies thrown in as well. However, the emphasis is on melee-combat, with some RPG elements thrown in. Your character has a stamina bar, forcing them to stop and take a breather every once in a while. Weapon degradation is also involved with the melee-combat. That means that as you use a weapon, over time it will break down and eventually become useless. This type of mechanic could be really frustrating, as your weapon might break while a horde of zombies roughly equivalent to the population of Luxembourg bears down on you. There is also a more realistic damage system for the zombies. The zombies have multiple layers of skin, muscle, and bone that get destroyed and torn away as you introduce their heads to your friend, Mr. Lead Pipe.
The setting is pretty basic. An island resort in Papa New Guinea, with zombies! This could add more terror because it could seems familiar. Just like the place YOU’RE going to for spring break. Unlike Left 4 Dead, it is also not linear, but open-world, like Deadrising. But don’t get me wrong, this game is serious, not like Deadrising.
The real draw for me was the trailer. It’s not often that a game trailer invokes some other reaction than “looks cool”. I quite nearly cried while watching this thing. It is definitely one of the best trailers for a game I have ever seen, and it sets the mood for the game perfectly. You can see it here and decide if I am a pansy for nearly crying. 

Thanks to Youtube user MrCrazCommunity for the trailor. 
  The release date is pending, but I really think zombie-fans should check this game out. This is the one I will be waiting in line to buy. Check back onto the site so we can let you know if it was worth the wait.

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