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 Call of Duty: Black Ops Review
Written By: Sam Shipp

            The Call of Duty franchise has ruled online multiplayer for years. Starting back in 2003, Call of Duty has continued to improve on their online multiplayer tool kit until it is almost perfect. For the first time in a couple of years, the multiplayer has received an overhaul that increases the strategy required to do well in the multiplayer matches. Oh, the series also has a partially coherent story line.
            Last year, Infinity Ward released their epic sequel to one of the best FPS’s of all time, Modern Warfare. This game had a good multiplayer, but a story that was only there to tie together fun levels. Black Ops is able to improve on this flaw from the last game and make a story line that is both fun to play and makes sense (until the very end). Basically, you play a highly trained secret agent doing covert missions throughout the Cold War.  The story is able to pull the missions together into a meaningful experience.  In Call of Duty standards, it is a pretty good story. But compared to the stories of Mass Effect or Uncharted, it lacks depth and character development.
            The gameplay is the typical Call of Duty fair.  You run around as enemies keep coming. If you dislike the gameplay, nothing in this game will change the fact that you hate it. It might just make you dislike the game more.  First, it seems like the enemies are forever responding until you progress. There is one level where the player is not told what to do.  It tells you get to the bottom of the hill. Go. So I spent about thirty minutes shooting enemies and slowly progressing to the bottom of the hill, but the enemies kept respawning. By the time I got to the bottom of the hill, it told me to go somewhere else.  As I was running to the next objective, the enemies kept coming and eventually killed me.  When I responded, it was at the top of the hill, only to run back down the hill in another attempt. (Spoiler!!! Skip over if you do not want a tip!!! Knife the barrel on the hill; it stops the enemies from coming. Or just sprint as fast as you can). Besides that one level, most of the game had a fairly good design with a fair amount of mix between vehicle and regular shooter sections
            Overall, the visuals are pretty good in the game, with no notable tearing or game lagging.  Though the Xbox game looks a tad better than the PS3 version, they are both very average graphically.   I saw one area of the game were there was a major glitche, but that made little difference to the experience.
            The star of almost all Call of Duty games, however, can be seen through the multiplayer.  And, in Black Ops there are two types of multiplayer modes. One is a regular multiplayer and the other has zombies.
            In the regular multiplayer mode, Black Ops is like Modern Warfare.  A player goes around playing one of the game modes trying to get enough points to level up and unlock new guns.  The developer this time around, Treyarch, has changed up the formula just enough to make it interesting again.  This time, they added a system known as COD points.  These are points that you earn every time a player gets a kill or progresses to a new level.  These points are then used to purchase anything from guns to camos and perks.  COD points allow for an extra amount of strategy that allows a player to choose exactly what they want to get out of leveling up.  If you have not played Call of Duty multiplayer before, it is not like battlefield.  There are no destructible environments or vehicles lying around.  It is, however, one of the most addictive multiplayer games on any platform.
            Treyarch has also included their zombie game that they developed for World at War.  It is still the same fair; a player is trapped in an area with up to three other people.  You and your friends will see how many rounds that everybody can beat without getting overrun by zombies. The developers have also thrown in an arcade style zombie shooter. You look down on you player as Zombies run up on you.  Point the stick in the direction you want to shoot and you shoot, simple enough.  It is a pretty nice distraction for the other modes.
            Overall, this game is a good addition to the series. Black Ops is able to improve on a lot of the problems of Modern Warfare 2 and improve the series on the whole.

Visuals:  8.0/10 (a decent looking game, but has some bad textures)
Story: 8.0/10 (a good story for Call of Duty, Key word for Call of Duty)
Performance:  9.5/10 (no real tearing or lags in single player)
Gameplay: 7.5/10 (the enemies keep coming, keep coming)
Multiplayer: 9.7/10 (it is a lot of fun and has a ton of modes)

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  1. Brian says:

    Cool Story Bro.

    Hope your site succeeds! Do a Bulletstorm review next pl0x :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    nice in depth review... just to help you out a little you might wanna check your grammar and review the review before you post it cause i saw quite a few major errors like "responding" its "respawning"... not trying to trash you just wanna help make your site better

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