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Brink Preview 
Written By: Sam Shipp
            A couple of months ago, I saw a trailer for a game called Brink.  In the trailer, there was a lot of action.  There were people jumping off buildings, running around with shotguns, blowing people up, and even an Assassin’s Creed like knife kill.  When I first saw this trailer, I was pumped about the game. I did not even know what the game was about, but I was pumped about it.
            Brink is a new shooter from Splash Damage, the guys who made Enemy Territory: Quack Wars and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.  If Call of Duty had a baby with Team Fortress, then their baby had a child with Left 4 Dead, Brink would be born.  Brink takes the wall that has always been between multiplayer and single player and breaks it down.  The entire story of Brink can be played like a multiplayer game.  Each level being just another objective based match.  It does not matter how you play Brink.  You could play the campaign like a single player game, in which you kill a bunch of thoughtless bots.  Or, you could play it like Left 4 Dead, trying to get to the next point in the game without dying. Then, if you feel like it, you can take your campaign online and play like you are playing Call of Duty.  All of these modes, however, are interwoven with a deep and thoughtful leveling system.  So, if you do something good in the single player, you can upgrade your character and take that character online. 
            Lets talk about the part I am most excited about, the story mode.  For the first time ever, you can play the entire story and campaign as if it were a multiplayer match.  I know, you are probably thinking that you could do this in Left 4 Dead, but that is simply not true.  Yes, you could play with four friends; however, the zombies you were fighting against were still NPCs.  In Brink, the entire game could be played with real people, real people on your side and real people on the other side.  This unique style of game play is sure to keep a player going back and replaying the campaign again and again.  You will want to see what would happen if you lost a battle, or what would happen if you won it. Currently, that is the only concept I am confused about.  If I lose a battle when I am playing the online story mode, what happens? Do we restart that mission against a different enemy or do we go back to the previous map and try to beat our enemy there?  I just don’t know, but I am interested to find out.
You and your teammates will play as one of three classes: medium, agile, and heavies.  Medium is kind of like the universal class.  They can jump, but not as well as the agile. They can also absorb some damage, but not as well as the heavies.  I will probably gravitate towards the agile.  The agile is using a new game system called S.M.A.R.T.  Smart allows a player to do parkour, free running, with the push of a button.  Using this system, a player can slide into cover, jump over barriers, and almost any other move you can think about, all while carrying submachine guns.  On the other hand,  the heavies are big, strong grunts that can absorb a lot of bullets and can carry big guns, but they have little access of movement.
All of these classes each have their unique style, almost like in Team Fortress 2.  But, Splash Damage has thrown in one of the most robust customization systems I have ever seen.  Take the amount of customization available in Black Ops, and take it to eleven, you have Brink.  A player can customize everything, from your player’s gun all the way to the body type and clothing.  The customization tool used for this process looks nice and slick.  This extremely in depth customization tool will lead to jealousy among players as one guy brags how cool his gun looks. 
The story also looks like it will work well for this type of game.  Basically, there was a green city known as The Arch.  This city has lost contact with the rest of the world and is now in total civil war. You play on one of the two factions who are trying to take control of The Arch.  This story should work well in accomplishing its goal of getting two teams to fight against each other. 
The only problem with this massive multiplayer game is that it is centralized around objective game play.  What would keep a team from just running in different directions as the players try to do there own thing?  Splash Damage clams that it has fixed this problem by giving people points if they focus on objectives, not just killing each other.  I really hope this game does not turn into another MAG
All in all, I am pumped about this game.  I am more excited about this game than almost any other game set to release in 2011.  Hopefully it will live up to the expectations. Since the game has been set to be released on May 17, we will not have a long time to wait before we find out.  Check back then to to see the full written review.

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