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The Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Load Out
Written By Sam Shipp
            Ever since Black Ops came out, I have been addicted to the multiplayer.  I love the simplicity.  It is just you, your gun, and your enemies.  To make things better, Treyarch layered on an in-depth ranking and leveling system that allows for almost complete freedom of choice when it comes to how you play.  You could be the guy who just runs straight into battle or the guy who sneaks around waiting for somebody to come into your sites.  The main question that arises once you have decided your tactics concerns which gun you choose.  What is the best gun? Why do some people do so much better with some guns than I do?
            These questions led me to think about the perfect class.  I always play with the Galil.  It is a fast, powerful, fully automatic gun that can get the job done quickly.  I can just point the gun at someone and know they will be dead.  It works.  Also, the iron sights built into the gun are really good. I do not need to buy a new sight.  Instead, I can go out and buy the Dual Mags attachment. Dual Mags allow for an increased change in between clips, which gives me a slight advantage.
            To go with this, I buy the CZ75.  This pistol allows me to buy a fully automatic attachment.  Even if I run out of bullets on my Galil, I can switch over to my pistol and still be fully automatic.
For perks, I like to have hardline pro. I not only get my kill streaks sooner, but I can also change out my care packages.  If I do not want to have a certain care package, like ammo, I can change it out and get a better one.  I like to have slight of hand so that I can have a quicker mag change.  Finally, I prefer to have Marathon.  I am one of the people who are constantly circling the map.  It benefits me if I can sprint for longer.
Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite custom class is.  

4 Responses so far.

  1. Unknown says:

    I have to slightly disagree. I don't feel that there is a perfect universal class but instead there are perfect classes for certain situations. For me when it comes to a precise and quick gun that gets the job done, it is a tie between the FAMAS and the AUG. I agree with your choice of pistol but there is another that I use. The python. You say that u like the CZ75 with the full auto option because of the rifle characteristic it has. But the python is the most powerful therefore not needing as many bullets. It also has an option that gives a quick reload which I also use. Lastly when it comes to those situations where u need pure power I use the stoner (I believe that is the name) it is powerful but is heavy so it is slow moving.
    Of course everyone has their own opinions about what is the perfect class and this could be argued days. This is just my thoughts.

  2. Alex says:

    I agree Jared, there really isn't a perfect universal class. Each player has his or her preference. I like to equip the Olimpia and try to flank the enemy so I can shoot them in the back, but someone else might like to equip a sniper and stay in the same spot waiting for an idiot with an Olimpia to run by. It just depends on what you're good with.

  3. Alex says:

    Also I have a complaint about the iron-sights in Black Ops. They're all the same (for the assault rifles with the exception of the AK-47 and probably another one). I mean, its a good sight, but that's just not creative on Treyarch's part.

  4. Scott Shipp says:

    Dang Sam this is a good article. We'll have to play black-ops sometime. Ill have to look at the gun I use and tell you what my load out is. I didnt know that a pistol could be automatic too. My gametag is shippskier is if want to add me sometime.

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